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 Well, it's still sweltering up here in the Tropics... the ol' Triumph doesn't like the heat and humidity... prefers cold n' damp! ;-)

End of Year 2012!

 Wow, where did that go?!?! No, don't answer that!

Got a few rides in before the hols. Then caught a bug - a cold, in the frikin' tropics would you believe?!?!

Getting way to hot for this ol' dog now... hate to say it, sounds sooo Australian, hope it rains soon! ;-)

Out an' about... still here to tell the tale!

 Have been out and about these past few weekends... great weather, if a little too hot (got a bit sun scorched).

Nearly lost it on the Kuranda Range heading up the other morning though. I think whilst leaning into a bend the centre stand made contact with terrafirma and acted a bit like a boat anchor!

I should remember, an' old Triumph can't be pushed around like some of these new bikes! ;-)

Mareeba Workers Club Annual Bike Show

 It's that time of year again, 25th of August.

A few folks from Cairns will be meeting up at the Smithfield Tavern, 10am - 10:30am. Leaving 11am sharp to take the ride up the range, stopping off at Speewah on the way.

Another great British icon on a Tee!

 great britain touring sticker

The Great Britain 'GB' touring auto, car sticker... with The Jack