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Its all about motorcycles... not just any old motorcycles, 
though any two wheels are better than none!


It is about 'old' motorcycles though, hence the 'retro'. Mostly it's British and European motorcycles, but not exclusively. More specifically, it's about the great imagery and designs from those glory days of motorcycling. For that which evokes the Mr. Toad in us, the wind in yer face, the open road (toot-toot!)... bar hopping, motor roaring, spirit soaring, rockers popping... sun chasin', café racing, ton an' up, funfunfun! ...if you don't know what i mean then this probably isn't the place for you... My 'funfunfun' is a 1968 Triumph TR6R, 650 'Tiger'!

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So, how did RetroJohn's come about?

Like i said, it's all about motorcycles, and things related... Mostly it's about the classic 'golden era' British and European motorcycles! But can't help but give the grand old American legends of Indian and Harley Davidson a mention, and some of those early Japanese bikes that pulled inspiration from the already well established European designs! One of my favourite bikes of all was the little Honda CB350. They're all worth a look, and a ride! Well, you know how it goes by now, if it's got two wheels!!!

So, OK obviously a love of motorcycles, but why the RetroJohn web site you ask?

Well, it all started many years ago now...

I was at a motorcycle swap meet somewhere in the US, Triumph Come Home Rally i think it was? Held at The Hill Climb Club PA somewhere "North" of Baltimore? I thought it was West but VonJason the Rat King put me right on that one... I never knew where i was going half the time! Anyway, some chap had a cardboard box full of T-shirts... with all kinds of old motorcycle logos on them, AJS, BSA, Norton and Triumph etc.... I had a '71 Triumph Tiger at the time and thought 'yeah, i'll get myself a Triumph T-shirt', they were only $5US each! It's a few years later, and a few countries further on now and the shirt is well and truly worn to say the least. The question then was, where could i get another T-shirt with the old style Triumph logo? Then i thought, wouldn't it be great to create some really classic designs based on the old motorcycle logos etc., so here we are... I've still got that old Triumph T-shirt!

I hope to be adding all kinds of useless info' and trivia here over time so do stop by again...
I had started a Blog on an early version of the site, but am thinking to move to a more robust 'Google' version...

Oh, there's an online Photo Album too...

Don't forget to visit the Shop for great designs on T-shirts, and all kinds of other stuff. After all, that's what RetroJohn's is all about. ;-)

And, if you can't find exactly what you're looking for, or just want some more info',
then contact RetroJohn!


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