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Triumph Pre-Unit Bobber... classic!

Saw this bike in a magazine and thought... sheez, i'd love that. So, next best thing, stick it on a t-shirt! ;-)

Triumph pre-unit bobber

Hey, another one for the shop!

 I really liked how the last one turned out so thought i get on a roll!

Triumph Cycle Works on green

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Bobber Job!

 Just added another design... if i got my act together i'd love to add a couple every week or so!

Triumph 650 bobber

Retro John' Electrical... t-shirt!


Another design for the shop... Retro John's Electrical!

Retro John's Electrical, a classic vintage auto, car and motorcycle design for bikers, rockers an' hot roders! Would look great riding your old British Triumph, Norton or BSA! 

Clutch OK, Primary Chain buggered though!

So, after months of "shall i, sharn't i" as the clutch was slipping a bit (now getting worse)... i finally pulled the primary cover off to give the clutch a once over... Clutch is fine, though it will certainly benefit from a good clean and adjustment... But, discovered the primary chain has lost a few roller bearing sleeves so just as well i did get in there and have a look!

There's the three shards of roller sleeve. You can see the link that's missing the entire roller, and then the link that still has half a roller intact.